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Hand me my Retro Goggles: Ninja Gaiden Love on YouTube

October 21, 2010 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Hand me my Retro Goggles: Ninja Gaiden Love on YouTubeon Twitter

Our discussion of classic Castlevania soundtracks last week had me yearning for some other classic NES goodness, and what better series to jump into than Ninja Gaiden, which also experienced a drastic change in direction (and an incredibly negative one, in my opinion) a few years back. I absolutely adore the music from the first three Ninja Gaiden titles on the NES, and while there have been arrangements created over the years on big sites like OC Remix and VGMix, I never really connected with them.

After digging into YouTube, however, I found the above piano rendition of the ending theme from the first game. If you hit the jump, I also found a cool Mario Paint version of “The Masked Devil” from Ninja Gaiden 2, and while there are tons of guitar arrangements from every which game out there on YouTube, I actually enjoyed the Ninja Gaiden 2 intro that yakmaniac created, programming his own percussion and bass backing instead of relying on the Nintendo sound source.

Let us know what you think of these videos, the music of Ninja Gaiden, the series’s change in direction, and if you know where to find more quality arrangements!

Hit the jump for more.

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