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Harmony of Heroes Expands its Smash Bros. Tribute With Final Smash

December 31, 2014 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Harmony of Heroes Expands its Smash Bros. Tribute With Final Smashon Twitter

Earlier this year a Super Smash Brothers tribute album, titled “Harmony of Heroes,” was unleashed upon the world. The collection focussed on the music of game franchises represented in Super Smash Bros., as well as the game’s own original music. The original “Harmony of Heroes” album has over 100 tracks of remixes and arrangements by a variety of artists and covers many of the great tunes used in the Super Smash Brothers franchise.

“Final Smash” is an expansion that covers the games and fighters that were not covered in the original “Harmony of Heroes” album. The 26 all new tracks highlight the music of Pac-Man, Xenoblade, Mega Man, and other titles that are new to the Smash Brothers world. The expansion also contains some tracks of previously covered franchises like The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario. The “Final Smash” expansion and the original “Harmony of Heroes” album can both be found and downloaded for free on the Harmony of Heroes website. Definitely give this collection a listen if you haven’t already.

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