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Hear Yasunori Mitsuda’s Latest in Edge of Eternity

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Last March the French team at Midgar Studio broke their $130,000 Kickstarter goal and officially brought legendary composer Yasunori Mitsuda onto their project, Edge of Eternity. You might be able to guess by the studio’s name alone that Edge of Eternity is an indie love letter to classic Japanese RPGs.

That makes Mitsuda an especially important contributor as he’s provided the music for classics in the genre like Chrono Trigger and Xenogears as well as more modern offerings like Shadow Hearts and Soul Sacrifice.

Over a year later, Midgar Studio is ready to reveal some of the work that Mitsuda and sound designer Cedric Menendez have created with the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra in Slovakia. Above you can check out a painfully brief clip from the recording session and hear a few of Mitsuda’s 12 themes and compositions for the game.

Midgar Studio also released a longer video from the game itself. Set against Active Time Battles and glowing special effects, the music is perfectly fitting for a Square inspired RPG and does a lot to amp up the work-in-progress footage.

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