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Hiroki Kikuta and Dale North Team Up on Toricky Soundtrack

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San Diego, California – January 18, 2016 – Scarlet Moon Records is pleased to present the TORICKY Original Soundtrack featuring music by Hiroki Kikuta and Dale North. Toricky is a 2D action-platformer created by Japanese developer Atelier Melon-Kissa that follows the high-flying adventures of a lovable bird as he attempts to recover the magical crystars and save the princess. The soundtrack includes an uplifting and majestic main theme by Hiroki Kikuta–best known for his work on Secret of Mana –and a riveting orchestral score with heavy Japanese influences by Dale North.

The TORICKY Original Soundtrack is available now from Bandcamp and other digital retailers:

TORICKY Original Soundtrack on Bandcamp
TORICKY Original Soundtrack on iTunes
TORICKY Original Soundtrack on Spotify


“My first impression of Toricky was seeing this docile bird decked out with military gear,” reflects Hiroki Kikuta. “This image brings together themes of peace and nature with military adventure. With that in mind, I wanted to compose Toricky’s main theme as an air force march. Please play and enjoy while basking in the feelings of soaring through the air!”

“The order for Toricky’s score was for magical flying fantasy music with a Japanese instrument influence, and it was to be composed alongside one of my heroes, Hiroki Kikuta. Talk about a dream project!,” notes Dale North. “To support the feeling of speed and flight I wrote Toricky’s themes around free flowing melodies that are built to sound like they’re gliding over the supporting musical framework. Energetic strings, shamisen, and other wind instruments give the feeling of motion and speed, but I tried to fly shy of heavy percussion and bass instruments to give the songs a sense of weightlessness. My goal was for Toricky’s score to be fast and light, but also memorable.”

For more information about Toricky please read the official launch announcement for the game here.

Source: Scarlet Moon Productions

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