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Indie Platformer Chrono Ghost to Release Soundtrack December 21st

December 14, 2018 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Indie Platformer Chrono Ghost to Release Soundtrack December 21ston Twitter

Last year, I did a artist spotlight on new VGM band Moiré Effect, highlighting the group’s foray into the VGM community. This year, Scott Wells & Drew Etterle from the band will see their first game soundtrack composition release for the new indie platformer, Chrono Ghost.

Chrono Ghost is a soon-released game from NITETIME Studios, featuring the titular character the player takes control of. As the “spirit of time”, you must  make yours way through various levels using your chronomancer abilities to determine just what it means to have such a title. The game looks very artistic, with the music combining orchestral and synth elements to highlight the time-manipulating action players will experience. Wells and Etterle have created more rock-oriented compositions for their work on Moiré Effect, so switching up to suit an entire game with a certain tone can prove challenging.

“I met Kelly from NITETIME Studios when they were demo-ing Chrono Ghost at MAGFest 2017. They said they were still looking for music. Scott got a chance to meet them again at this past MAGFest and they were still looking and interested if we’d be a good fit. We came up with a few demo tracks and turns out they dug it.” – Drew Etterle, composer

The music features much in the way of piano and synthetic tones to accentuate the atmosphere of the game, with slow and sometimes somber build-ups that open up to rhythmic whimsy. It comes together to create a simple ambiance that doesn’t try to overplay its hand. It takes flavors of what Yasunori Mitsuda did with Chrono Trigger and shapes it into something with almost a spiritual tone to it.

The Chrono Ghost Original Soundtrack consists of 21 tracks, seven of which are currently available for preview on Bandcamp, with the album in pre-order mode until it’s release on December 21st alongside the game. Chrono Ghost will release for both Steam immediately and consoles early 2019.

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