Japanese VG Composers Create Original Album for Western Fans

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If you’ve ever been frustrated that you can’t listen to a wide variety of the works from some of your favorite Japanese game composers due to the difficulty and high cost of importing from Japan, then this will be a little treat. Several composers have gotten together to create an original album of music specifically for their fans in the West.

IMPORTED features a top-tier ensemble of music composers from all walks of gaming, including:

Tenpei Sato (Disgaea series)

Hideyuku “eiceph” Fukusawa (Street Fighter IV)
Go Sato (Raiden series)
Hideaki “Dr. COVA” Kobayashi (Phantasy Star Online and Sonic series)
Takayuki Nakamura (LUMINES series and Rodea The Sky Soldier)
Yu Shimoda (Mega Man 9 and 10)
Jupiter-B (DARIUSBURST series)
Takahiro Izutani (Metal Gear Solid and Bayonetta series)
Marusho (F-Zero GX and Yakuza series)
Yuu Miyake (Katamari Damacy series)
Akira Ueda (Super Mario RPG game designer)

“I grew up listening to soundtracks for games like Street Fighter II, Metroid Prime and Sonic Adventure 2,” reflects producer Kevin Pescoran. “But when I tried to get my hands on more recent soundtracks like Sonic Unleashed, VANQUISH, or Bayonetta, I could only find them for $80 to $100, and realized there was a need for an easier way to get this music to fans around the world.”

Scarlet Moon Productions

The greatest part of the entire album is that it is completely free to download from Bandcamp for all international fans to enjoy. Go grab the album and be sure to check back for further updates.

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