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Jesper Kyd on his Music, Gear, and MU Online

July 21, 2017 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Jesper Kyd on his Music, Gear, and MU Onlineon Twitter

Jesper Kyd on his Music, Gear, and MU Online

Webzen has just released the first extensive preview of Jesper Kyd’s soundtrack for their upcoming action MMO, MU Legend. The follow-up to MU Online, one of South Korea’s long standing MMOs, MU Legend has itself been in the works for quite some time. But with a global Beta Test planned for September the marketing machine is spinning up and Webzen has chosen to kick it into gear by focusing on the music.

Along with three new preview tracks Webzen has released a short interview with Kyd that’s more about his composition style and history with game music than it is about MU Legend. From the demoscene to his array of keyboards and equipment from the 60’s, I think I learned more about Kyd in this five minute video than I have in the last five years.

Take a look at the playlist above to see the interview, the new preview tracks, and a couple of teasers I added that highlight some additional battle anthems. There are also two more tracks on if you’d like to hear more of the game’s softer side.

With their “first look” focusing almost entirely on Kyd himself we can expect to hear a lot more from MU Online in the months leading up to its Beta Test and then towards its release, whenever that may finally be.

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