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Kingdom Come: Deliverance OST Essentials Now Available

February 15, 2018 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Kingdom Come: Deliverance OST Essentials Now Availableon Twitter

Warhorse Studio’s Kingdom Come: Deliverance was released this week to the praise of some and the criticism of others. Needless to say, what’s being almost universally given it’s proper due is the game’s soundtrack, and thankfully the music is available alongside the game for purchase and download.

In an attempt to make the game as historically accurate to its time period of medieval Bohemia that the rest of the game by developer Daniel Vavra makes the effort towards, Czech composer Jan Valta along with Adam Sporka created an original orchestral score to invoke a immersive feeling with the gameplay. The album Kingdom Come: Deliverance OST Essentials features 23 tracks performed by the Warhorse Studio Orchestra chronicling your journey as a blacksmith’s son across the Holy Roman Empire.

Kingdom Come is an epic story and it might as well be a fantastic Hollywood blockbuster. So we decided it deserves a soundtrack which would sound like a really good film music. But – it’s not film (so far) :wink: and being a game, it needs an adaptive soundtrack, too. –  Jan Valta, Composer (via Kingdom Come: Deliverance Forums)

You can purchase the digital Kingdom Come: Deliverance OST Essentials on Amazon, iTunes or together with the game on Steam as DLC content. You can read more of Valta’s experience with composing the game’s soundtrack on the game’s Community Forums, which I thoroughly recommend for an in-depth look at the steps he and Sporka took in crafting the game’s music.

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