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Know Your MAG: Lonely Rolling Stars

December 26, 2013 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook Know Your MAG: Lonely Rolling Starson Twitter

It’s time for more “Know Your MAG” with another brand new Stage 2 band gracing MAGFest 12 with the most glorious name – Lonely Rolling Stars!

LRS could be considered what is commonly known as a “super band”, and with good reason, as four of its five members are no strangers to the MAGFest stage. Pulling double-duty in his performance schedule this year is Grant “Stemage” Henry of Metroid Metal (also appearing with the previously mentioned Viking Guitar band), while also featuring George “Norg” Nowik and Sean “Ailsean” Stone from The Smash Brothers, Chris “cubosh” Dlugosz of Armcannon, and some guy named Chuck “finbeard” Simpson. How did this much awesome manage to come together to create such a menagerie of metal? If asked, the most probably answer would most likely boil down to “It seemed like a good idea at the time”, and I doubt anybody would be apt to disagree.

So what can you expect should you decide to take a moment and attend their debut MAGFest performance? Well, a healthy variety of game and pop culture music that rarely graces the MAG stage, for starters. Since the band’s name is based off the colorfully-odd puzzle game Katamari Damacy, it makes sense that their teaser track released prior to MAG to entice concert-goers would be steeped in such.

Based on the group’s Facebook, much ass was busted in order to produce the band’s first album, Carnivortex, in time to be sold at MAGFest alongside their concert performance. The majority of the rest of the album is masked in shadow and will have to be heard live at the band’s show (Sneak previews can be heard on the SML podcast with Stemage, Norg & Ailsean being interviewed). However, if the above taste of what’s to be expected from their debut is to be believed, the album should help alleviate any PMD or “Post-MAG Depression” sufferers after the melodious weekend is all wrapped up.

Lonely Rolling Stars will perform at Stage 2 on Saturday @ 3pm.

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