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Know Your MAG: Viking Guitar

December 19, 2013 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Know Your MAG: Viking Guitaron Twitter

We’re officially under two weeks away from MAGFest 12, and as such it’s that time again for another annual round of “Know Your MAG”, where we introduce you to some of the musical performers of the upcoming MAGFest and start enticing you with the myriad of music available for your auditory enjoyment.

First up, we have one of the several new bands to grace MAGFest’s Stage 2 – Viking Guitar! (or Viking Guitar Live, or Viking Guitar Band; I’m not really sure what the official naming scheme is) This band originally started as the one-man arrangement team of Erik ‘Viking Guitar’ Peabody, who got his start participating in the Dwelling of Duels competitions and releasing his own albums of video game arrangements. Dedicated to spreading his own brand of metal melodies, he went on to creating a modest Kickstarter campaign with the idea of helping others learn how to arrange and record their own music – dubbing the project Viking Guitar University. Achieving full funding, the Viking continued producing his own arrangements, creating tutorials and learning aids through VGU, and participating in various community arrangements projects such as the recent Spectrum of Mana album.

However, there were limits to what one man could do, so Peabody began colluding with other arrangers in the community to expand to the stage. Combining the talents of Grant “Stemage” Henry, Ryan “Mega Beardo” Postlethwait, Adam Henry and Travis Morgan, the Viking Guitar (band?) was now packed with so much metal power it’d be insulting not to give it a spot on MAGFest 12’s stage.

What can you expect from the VG crew? In their own words, “Their premiere performance at MAGFest XII will crush your bones, burn your village, and put a damn beard on your face. KEEP THE WORLD METAL!

Viking Guitar will debut at MAGFest on Stage 2, Friday at noon.

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