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Know Your MAG: Rare Candy

January 2, 2013 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Know Your MAG: Rare Candyon Twitter

Do you like synth rock? Do you like video game guy bands? Do you like guy bands that may dress up like Pokemon trainers? Well, if you don’t, then you probably don’t want to even bother with these guys because that’s kind of their thing.

Hailing from Baltimore (and close to the current MAGfest capital), the guys from Rare Candy don’t want to be just another video game cover band. They want to be a video game cover band that defies your very conception of video game cover bands! And by that, I mean they do more keyboard and synth-heavy work rather than the straight rock or metal that a lot of other video game bands do. Featuring the talents of Chris Baines  (Bass/Guitar), Matt “PokeMatt” Baros (Rhythm Keyboard, Dominic Cerquetti  (Lead Keyboard), and John “JD” DeCampos  (Drums), the band makes yet another appearance and has become one of the many mainstays of the MAGfest experience.

But they don’t do just Pokemon-themed music, oh no. They bolster their musical repertoire with themes from across the spectrum of gaming!

So if you like a whole lot of keyboard-tickling and some variety in your gaming music covers, then check out Rare Candy performance Saturday on the main stage at MAGfest 11!

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