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Know Your MAG 2016: The World Is Square

February 13, 2016 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Know Your MAG 2016: The World Is Squareon Twitter

The World Is Square

The 14th annual MAGFest is approaching fast. Each year the festival brings in new music acts, but it also sees the return of some acts from MAGFests past. One of these returning acts is the group The World is Square. Before you head out to the event, here’s your chance to get some background on the group in this entry of Know Your Mag.

The World Is Square is a Boston based game music tribute band that focuses on the music of SquareSoft/Enix titles. The band is comprised of members Lauren Christerson, Joe Corbett, Nick Doane, Joshua Edginton, and Dave Reardon. Each member plays several instruments, which helps cover the various needs of their unique arrangements.

Their style can be summed up as a combination of acoustic folk blended with a sampling of modern and electronic instruments. What results is a collection of light acoustic arrangements that have just a hint of modern flavor. They’ve released a number of arrangement albums over the group’s five year career. While some focus on a specific game series, others provide a collection of covers from various game titles.

Many of their albums focus on the earlier years of SquareSoft/Enix, including music from the early Final Fantasy games, Chrono Trigger, and Super Mario RPG. While a majority of the material they play comes from the older RPGs that we all know and love, The World Is Square has also tackled more recent games like Bravely Default and other titles that don’t get as much recognition like the Breath of Fire series.

The World Is Square is set to perform on the MAGFest main stage on Friday afternoon at 4pm. To find out more about this year’s MAGFest head over to their main site to grab tickets, make hotel reservations, and check out the schedule for this year’s festivities.

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