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Konami and Sumthing Else Music Works Release Bomberman R Vinyl Soundtrack

December 10, 2018 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Konami and Sumthing Else Music Works Release Bomberman R Vinyl Soundtrackon Twitter

Seems Konami still loves their fans and wants them to be happy, as the video game publisher has teamed up with label Sumthing Else Music Works to release the vinyl soundtrack to the most recent edition of one of their beloved franchised, Super Bomberman R.

Composer Seima Iwahashi of Elements Garden brings us the latest soundtrack in the beloved BOMBERMAN franchise. The album also includes the ‘HERO’ theme song featuring lyrics by RUCCA. The SUPER BOMBERMAN R original soundtrack is now available from Sumthing’s new direct-to-consumer merchandise store as well as

1. Ending Theme Song [HERO]
2. Title Screen
3. Main Menu
4. World Map
5. Get Ready
6. Planet Technopolis
7. Planet Timbertree
8. Planet Brainwave
9. Planet Lalaland
10. Planet Scrapheap
11. Clear
12. Failed
13. World Clear Result

1. Five Dastardly Bombers
2. The Boss Robots
3. Elegant Dream
4. Great Gattaida
5. Ultimate Buggler
6. Go
7. Battle – Excite
8. Battle – Happy
9. Battle – Comical
10. Victory
11. Result
12. Draw
13. UP
14. Down
15. Ending Theme Song [HERO] (English version)

Super Bomberman R was released last year to console and PC to positive reviews, featuring brightly colored action and similarly colorful music by Iwahashi. The vinyl soundtrack release features 27 tracks on 1xLP from the game and is currently available for $29.99USD on the Sumthing Else store.

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