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Legend Discusses LEGENDS: David Wise In Stockholm

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Though time was short and precious at the fantastic event of LEGENDS, The man of the hour himself, David Wise, still generously offered his time to all fans and admirers to shake hands and sign their collectibles. In the midst of the orchestrated memories and energetic crowd, we managed to eventually get a few thoughts from the legendary composer himself on his thoughts about the concert itself and some hints towards the future.

Despite being responsible for some of the very best music ever composed for video games, the man is one of the humblest and most kind spoken individuals you could have the pleasure of meeting.

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OSV: Now that the concert is over, what is your overall feeling on the evening?

Wise: What an amazing experience! To witness orchestrated interpretations of your work is incredibly inspiring. They did a great job with the orchestral arrangements. And Arnie Roth the conductor: Amazing! I’ve witnessed a few orchestral and choir performances of video game soundtracks with the addition of a backing track. And whilst these are impressive, absolutely nothing compares to seeing a conductor push the orchestra and choir in a totally live setting. Such energy. I’ve been to many a rock concert before, but this experience was totally unexpected. Very inspiring as a composer!

OSV: What thoughts and feelings went through your mind when Donkey Kong Country’s “Aquatic Ambience” was performed? It must be a very special yet surreal feeling to hear the works you composed for a video game 15 years ago be performed by some of the finest musicians in the world?

Wise: To hear your compositions played live to an audience is a very powerful experience. The musicians are simply amazing, and it is very special to hear your music re-arranged for orchestra.

OSV: This was not the first time your music has been represented in orchestra form, but was it the first time you have had the chance to attend one and hear your own works?

Wise: Not long after Donkey Kong Country was originally released, I believe it was performed by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra for a CD: Game Music 5. Since then there have been numerous pieces orchestrated and performed live including a previous LEGENDS [Symphonic Legends] concert. A little searching on YouTube should find them. But yes, it was great to finally be there in person to see my music performed live!

OSV: You have also taken the step into the world of video game arrangements yourself with your participation in Serious Monkey Business. Being one of the most influential composers for the young artists in that community, how was it to take the step into that scene and work alongside all the young people you helped inspire?

Wise: Daunting. Some of the re-mixers in the OCRemix community are seriously talented, so to even try and come up with something worthy of inclusion was a real challenge. It’s a very different craft to composing music.

OSV: If you take a step back and think merely as a fan, what music from a video game would you personally love to see in a symphonic setting like the one you heard with LEGENDS?

Wise: I’m a HUGE Nintendo fan, so to see the LEGENDS concert feature so many classics such as Zelda, Mario and Starfox was a fantastic experience. A dream come true.

OSV: Onwards from here, what can we expect from you? Will we see any news on any upcoming project at GAMESCOM or even sooner?

Wise: I have 2 projects in development at the moment. I can’t wait for them to be released, although I’m not sure at what point they might be previewed.

OSV: Thank you so much for your time, and thank you for being on hand at LEGENDS and greeting all the fans. It was truly a pleasure seeing you interact and being so friendly with them!

Wise: It’s always a pleasure to speak with and meet so many people interested in video game music. Thank you!

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