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Listen to Super Mario Odyssey’s full-length Vocal Theme

June 15, 2017 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Listen to Super Mario Odyssey’s full-length Vocal Themeon Twitter

Listen to Super Mario Odyssey's full-length Vocal Theme

There was a whole lot to take in during Super Mario Odyssey’s spotlight on Nintendo’s E3 stream but what really grabbed me was that song. The vocal theme, presumably sung by Mario’s old flame, Pauline, amps up the action with Swing style and some outstanding lyrics. I haven’t been as energized or surprised by Mario music since the very first Super Mario Galaxy trailers.

Even better, the version that accompanies Odyssey’s trailer turned out to be a shortened edit which Nintendo played in full at the end of their Treehouse stream this week. YouTube user Trogdorbad was kind enough to clean it up and even transcribed the lyrics with the help of commenters so we can all sing along to lines like “put a comb through that ‘stache, now you’ve got panache!”

Take a listen above and if you haven’t already, check out Nintendo’s official trailer and showfloor demo of Super Mario Odyssey. It’s out on the Nintendo Switch on October 27th.

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