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Listen to The Last Guardian just about Anywhere

November 2, 2016 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Listen to The Last Guardian just about Anywhereon Twitter


Sony is doubling  tripling quadrupling down on the audio experience when it comes to the highly anticipated and frequently delayed adventure game, The Last Guardian. The PlayStation Blog announced on Thursday that the game’s soundtrack — composed by Takeshi Furukawa, who you can get to know in this new trailer — will be available on vinyl, on iTunes and through exclusive PlayStation apps.

The vinyl release is being handled by iam8bit and the 2-LP album is available to pre-order now for $35 with shipping estimated to start in Q1 2017. The soundtrack will be released on iTunes “at a later date” but when the game launches on December 6th players will have two unique ways to engage with the music.

The Last Guardian Composer’s Choice PS4 Music App’ will be available as a separate download from the PlayStation Store and includes 17 tracks from the game in both stereo and surround formats with the ability to export MP3 files via  USB. It’s unknown what else the app may offer — possibly a visual treatment or slideshow to accompany each song? — but it’s an interesting way to offer a soundtrack that could go above and beyond your average MP3 downloads. Finally, owners of PlayStation headsets will be able to turn on an exclusive mode through the rarely-talked-about Headset Companion App that tunes the game’s audio for “maximum immersion”.


For an even more authentic audio experience, fans can journey to Royce Hall in Los Angeles on February 12th, 2017 for a unique (and free) PlayStation performance. The American Youth Symphony will be performing music from The Last Guardian, The Order: 1886 and Journey in a National Endowment for the Arts sponsored concert.

Are you excited for The Last Guardian to finally be released? Ready to hear Furukawa’s take on Ueda’s latest adventure? Do you own a PlayStation headset and have you ever tried that Headset Companion App? What’s that like? Share your thoughts down here in the comments.

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