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Listen to the Smooth Jazzy Starfox Arrangements from A Fox In Space

May 10, 2016 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Listen to the Smooth Jazzy Starfox Arrangements from A Fox In Spaceon Twitter

If you haven’t had a chance to check out A Fox In Space yet, you can watch it below. It is an impressive fan-made animated parody based on Nintendo’s Starfox created by Matthew Gafford. The music for the original SNES FX chip enchanced cartridge was composed by Hajime Hirasawa, and the creators of the unofficial animated series have created some wonderful arrangements of the classic themes from the original game. The playlist has been available on YouTube for a while but it’s worth checking out. The intro music reminded me a bit of Yoko Kanno’s work on Cowboy Bebop, but really it’s just some smooth jazz at work – all performed by the show’s creator Matthew Gafford.

You can watch the excellent first 13 minutes of A Fox In Space here:

You can follow all the latest news about the series including upcoming episodes and music on the show’s tumblr.

What do you think of the music in A Fox From Space? Is there a theme from the video game series you would like to hear get a jazzy arrangement in a future episode?

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