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Lost Sphear’s Western Pre-order Bonus includes two special tracks by Composer Tomoki Miyoshi!

June 19, 2017 | | 23 Comments Share thison Facebook Lost Sphear’s Western Pre-order Bonus includes two special tracks by Composer Tomoki Miyoshi!on Twitter


Sqaure Enix and Tokyo RPG Factory recently shared more details on Lost Sphear, the next game from the studio that produced the wonderful I Am Setsuna. Lost Sphear‘s plot is about a young man who witnesses a strange reality altering phenomena who then has to use the power of memory to restore the world. The game will also feature a Chrono Trigger style battle system.  You can watch the first trailer for the game below which ends with the message that the “Limited Run Physical Edition with two special tracks by composer Tomoki Miyoshi.

I reached out to Tomoki Miyoshi on twitter earlier this month about whether or not he was returning to score Lost Sphear. On June 1, 2017 he reported back to say that, “Yes, I am very thankful and happy to be working again with Tokyo RPG Factory on their next installment! I felt so moved by the incredible support of people, that I received for my involvement in ‘I Am Setsuna’, and so I made sure to pour even more energy and gratitude into every part of this next soundtrack.” During E3 the game was also previewed here and more details on the game’s soundtrack were revealed. Lost Sphear’s soundtrack will move beyond I Am Setsuna‘s focus on piano to be a more robust orchestral soundtrack. You can listen to these comments in the video below at around 3:20 into the video.

Lost Sphear is expected to be released on Playstation 4 and Steam in early 2018. You can pre-order the game directly from the game’s official website. The site also features some lovely music. Are you excited for Lost Sphear?

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