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MadWorld’s Sick YG Releases Free Album For Fans

June 10, 2010 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook MadWorld’s Sick YG Releases Free Album For Fanson Twitter

I loved the MadWorld soundtrack. It’s not often that mainstream music makes its way into videogames outside of licensed material, and I admit I was a bit skeptical about how it’d turn out, but Platinum Games’s Naoto Tanaka made a believer of me. A number of rap and hip-hop artists were featured in the game, including Sick YG who was responsible for or “Ain’t That Funny” and “Look Pimpin!,” my two favorite tracks from the album.

Sick YG has kept in touch with us through our Facebook fan page where he recently shared a link to his new album, The Final Score. While the album doesn’t have any ties to videogames, after giving it several listens, I found myself enjoying it a whole lot. Given that there were only three Sick YG tracks on the MadWorld soundtrack, there’s certainly more variety here with a classy intro, a smooth remix of “Too Hot” to close out the album, and a lot of great music in between. My personal favorites are the wild West-sounding “The Best Kept Secret” and “Put A Lil’ Step Wit’ It,” where Sick YG’s talk-rap style is highly reminiscent of “Look Pimpin!.”

The best thing of all is that the album is entirely free. We asked him if we were meant to publish the link to the free download, and he commented that it was intended to be a gift for his fans. It’s definitely worth checking out and sharing with your friends, so get downloading and check out his MySpace page while you’re at it.

Did you have a favorite rapper from MadWorld? Would you like to hear Sick YG working in the videogame industry again in the future?

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