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MAGFest 13 Complete Music Lineup

December 18, 2014 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook MAGFest 13 Complete Music Lineupon Twitter

Viking Guitar Live at MAGFest 12

As of yesterday, the entire music lineup for next month’s Music & Gaming Festival, aka. MAGFest 13 has been completely revealed to the public. The large assortment of musicians and performers consists of 14 featured bands, 9 supporting bands, 15 chiptune artists and 7 DJs, including one of this year’s special guests Yuu Miyaki of Katamari Damacy fame. That’s a whole lot of music to cram into just a few days, so here’s a complete rundown of who’ll be performing on stage:


  • Bit Brigade
  • Descendants of Erdrick
  • Dethlehem
  • Do a Barrel Roll!
  • Double Ferrari
  • Kirby’s Dream Band
  • Machinae Supremacy
  • The Megas
  • missingNO
  • On Being Human
  • Powerglove
  • Professor Shyguy
  • The Protomen
  • Random aka Mega Ran
  • Rare Candy
  • Super Guitar Bros
  • Super Soul Bros
  • Tiberian Sons
  • Triforce Quartet
  • Urizen
  • Viking Guitar Live


  • an0va featuring Rekcahdam
  • Cheap Dinosaurs
  • crashfaster
  • Danimal Cannon
  • Enerjawn (visualist)
  • For Astronauts & Satellites
  • Marshall Art
  • noukon (visualist)
  • Ohhinafu (visualist)
  • Pixelseed (visualist)
  • Roboctopus
  • SBthree (visualist)
  • Solarbear
  • Virt


  • Ben Briggs
  • Kevin Villecco
  • Sushi Killer
  • Yuu Miyaki (special guest)

As like the past few years, MAGFest 13 will be held on January 23-26th at the Gaylord Hotel in National Harbor, Maryland. As of right now both the Gaylord and the surrounding hotels are sold out of rooms at the MAGFest rate, though determined attendees can always scour the MAGFest forums for roomshare offers, as well as rideshares if transport is an issue.

As we draw closer to the event, we’ll be doing our “Know Your MAG” articles to help you get to know some of the new bands performing at MAGFest 13, so be sure to check back for the low-down!

MAGFest Tickets – $60 (goes up to $65 after Dec. 31st) – Event Website

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