MAGFest 2016 News Rundown & New Performers

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It’s almost exactly two months until MAGFest 2016, and there have been a decent amount of musician and guest announcements in the past few weeks. We reported on the attendance of Grant Kirkhope and Gavin Blaire, as well as Austin Wintory as composer guests. Dues Ex composer Alexander Brandon will also be making a repeat appearance this year, as well as several other returning games industry guests.

On the performing side of the event, Metroid Metal was the first big band to be announced as returning to MAGFest after a two-year hiatus. Other former MAGFest bands currently on the roster include 8-bit Disaster and The World is Square, as well as chiptune artists Sammus and Rekcahdam. More recently announced is the inclusion of FamilyJules7x (feat. on Crypt of the Necrodancer) and yesterday’s reveal of I Fight Dragons making their first MAGFest appearance. We’ll be featuring our usual “Know Your MAG” rundown of new artists as the event draws near so you know all about the fresh faces of this year.

Pre-Registration for the event is currently $65, and will be climbing to $70 by the toll of New Years Eve. We’ll keep coverage coming of all the new announcements right up until the very end, so keep checking back for updates.

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