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MAGFest 8: Super Mario Kart and Contra 4 Coming Soon!

January 4, 2010 | | 2 Comments Share thison Facebook MAGFest 8: Super Mario Kart and Contra 4 Coming Soon!on Twitter

We’ve been looking forward to the upcoming Super Mario Kart album from The OneUps as well as the Contra 4: Rocked N’Loaded album leading up to MAGFest. They were both supposed to go on sale at the event, and sadly, neither were available. So, where are they, and when can we expect to see them released?

We caught up with Mustin at MAGFest, and he assured us that with MAGFest out of the way, the Super Mario Kart album is their top priority. The band will apparently be working on it every weekend from here on out until it’s released. He was confident that it’d be available before the end of February. Regarding Contra 4: Rocked N’Loaded, we spoke with Snappleman at great length about the delay. The album is actually complete, but didn’t make it to the press in time for the show. It’s too bad that they missed MAGFest as a market for the album, but pre-sales are supposedly going quite well, so be sure to pre-order your copy soon. It will be out this month.

Are you looking forward to either of these albums? Were there any other MAGFest releases that you were looking forward to?

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