MAGFest’s Channel lets you experience or re-live it’s biggest performances!

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If you attended MAGFest 2016, or if you missed it (like I did) you can re-live or watch some of the best performances of the event on MAGFest’s YouTube Channel. You can read Brenna’s MAGFest 2016 Breakdown where she noted that its impossible to see everything at the massive event. I have already taken the opportunity to watch several of the videos the organizers have uploaded.

I found out about MAGFest’s channel reading Video Game Music Online’s report on MAGFest 2016 by one of their journalists, Emily McMillan which you can find here.

As I am writing this article there are a total of 44 videos available from the event including 27 Concerts, 9 Panels, 5 Highlight Reels, and 1 Jam Clinic. I have included the playlist for the panels above and concerts below for your viewing pleasure.

So far I’ve watched the excellent Q&A with Film, TV, and Video Game Composer Bear McCreary, rocked out to “Danger Zone” during Psychostick’s concert, and enjoyed watching Austin Wintory conduct his score to Journey: Live.

Did you attend MAGFest this year? Was there a performance that you wanted to see but missed?

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