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Mario, Sonic, Bendy & More: A GameChops New Release Roundup

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This surprising “deep house meets future bass” remix of Super Mario 64’s “Dire Dire Docks” makes for a great start to a quick GameChops roundup. The indie game music label is still riding high from the release of their collaborative Sonic the Hedgehog tribute album, Spindash 2, but they’ve been steadily releasing new singles all year. You can catch the full drip feed of colorful music videos and new releases on the GameChops YouTube channel but here a few highlights from their recent releases.

Given that GameChops frequently turns out thumping bangers of wild EDM flavors, I was intrigued to hear their treatment of the classically mellow “Dire Dire Docks” from Super Mario 64. Newcomers to the label – Nokbient and Besso0 – do not disappoint, miraculously turning the peaceful theme into a chopped and chipped rendition complete with the requisite big drop.

Back on the Sonic train, GameChops and Hyper Potions co-produced the track “Friends” that serves as the animated opening theme to Sonic Mania. It’s a major milestone for the label and an all around super sweet and bouncy electronic track that’s made even better when you see it in the game.

DJ Cutman himself recently offered up this “Daft Punk meets Off The Hook” remix of Splatoon 2’s “Color Pulse” by the in-game pop duo, Off The Hook. Lastly is “Bendy and Electro Swing”, a remix from bLiNd of Kyle Allen’s original Bendy and the Ink Machine song. As the name implies it’s swingy and gives the original song and its lyrics a lot of thumping punch.

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