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Matron Maestras – Eveline Fischer (Spotlight)

November 21, 2014 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Matron Maestras – Eveline Fischer (Spotlight)on Twitter

We’re continuing our spotlight on women in video game composing  with one of the components of the Donkey Kong Country musical experience and beyond with Eveline Fischer! (Eveline Novakovic if you’re looking her up under her married name, but we’ll be referencing her under the name she used when composing the majority of the works we’ll be listing) We’ll also highlight some of her non-composing works, including some voice work you may not have known was her!

And what good timing too, as the DKC Mix’t Ape ’94 arrangement album just released today with much of Fischer’s work arranged by several artists! How’s that for relevance?

Eveline Fischer was born in Dorset, England in 1969 and by her mid-20s was a facet for the video game developer, Rare, Ltd. One of the first games she composed on was probably one of the ones she’s most well known for; Donkey Kong Country. David Wise was the main composer for DKC and is widely credited as the musical powerhouse behind it. However Fischer (along with Robin Beanland) provided secondary composing credits. Fischer specifically was the force behind the tracks “Simian Segue”, “Candy’s Love Song”, “Voices of the Temple”, “Forest Frenzy”, “Treetop Rock”, “Northern Hemispheres” and “Ice Cave Chant”. The tracks, along with the rest of the game’s soundtrack, were released under the DK Jamz soundtrack title, which would later be arranged by Overclocked Remix for the Kong in Concert project, 10 years after the game’s release on the SNES.

“Northern Hemispheres” – Donkey Kong Country
From there, Eveline worked in the background on Donkey Kong Country 2, providing sound effects and some of the voice work. She would however get another crack at composing for the DKC series when she was given the reigns of creating the soundtrack for Donkey Kong County 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble! in 1996 for the SNES, which itself was tweaked and ported to the Gameboy as Donkey Kong Land 3. Her last known work in sound and music for the DKC series was on Diddy Kong Racing where she again provided voice credits.

Her work with Rare continued, composing the music for Conker’s Pocket Tales for the Gameboy Color in 1999. However it was her past voice work that got her the role of Vela Gemini in the Nintendo 64 game Jet Force Gemini in 1999, and probably her next big credit, providing the voice of Joanna Dark in the N64 game Perfect Dark in 2000. While not voicing Joanna in the Perfect Dark prequel, Perfect Dark Zero, Fischer did provide some additional voice work on the game.

From there, Eveline worked as sound and supporting music and voices in Kameo: Elements of Power in 2005 (under her married name Novakovic), Banjo Pilot for the Gameboy Advance in 2005, and Viva Piñata in 2006.

Fischer’s work has spanned over a decade of titles with Rare and various roles. Her musical and vocal contributions to so many well-known Rare titles are vast and well worth taking note of.

Are you a fan of Eveline Fischer’s music and voice work? Let us know! Also be sure to check out our other spotlights of women in the video game music work.

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