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Mech Hunter is a Cyberpunk Sega CD OST that Never Existed

April 20, 2016 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Mech Hunter is a Cyberpunk Sega CD OST that Never Existedon Twitter


It’s been a banner month for soundtracks to games that never existed. First we had Saori Kobayashi’s original album, Terra Magica, that envisions a new Panzer Dragoon and just last weekend Mitch Murder brought us MECH HUNTER OST which he describes simply as “another fictional Sega game soundtrack.”

The Swedish composer, who provided the soundtrack for the deeply 80’s short film Kung Fury, has imagined us an anime inspired, cyberpunk Sega CD game that never happened. From the album art and track titles alone it’s easy to picture something similar to Snatcher or Bubblegum Crisis. Sexy ladies in cyber gear fighting blue-gray robot monsters and all that.

The 6-track album is painfully short, giving you just enough of an 80’s electro/Sega/funk hit to leave you wanting more. From “Fighters” that thumps along in the bassy range of the Genesis to “Runners” with its delightful 80’s synth melody and echoing electric bass refrain. Short as it may be we’re even treated to a plucky “Bonus Stage” tune and a soulful, minimal finale that surely accompanies a graphic of our battle-worn cybergirls standing haggard and triumphant over an evil computer.

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I’m surprised to find myself a little hurt over this mini album. It’s so perfectly evocative of the era and the games that I love, it feels like I suddenly discovered a game from my childhood that I can never play. Don’t let that surprise reaction put you off of MECH HUNTER OST, though, because it’s a great listen and it’s also free (or pay-what-you-want) over on Bandcamp.

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