Mega Ran’s Kickstarter Busting Goals and Stretching Bounderies

November 5, 2014 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Mega Ran’s Kickstarter Busting Goals and Stretching Bounderieson Twitter

If you weren’t aware, Random aka. Mega Ran started himself a respectable little Kickstarter to help fund a new album for 2015 as well as a Director’s Cut DVD of his Mega-lo-Mania documentary that released this past August. The new album will feature fan input as well as guest composers, and the DVD Director’s Cut will be expanded in length to feature more performance footage and highlight’s of Mega Ran’s career.

The good news is that, with 16 days to go, the Kickstarter has been completely funded and even passed a stretch goal of releasing the new album to vinyl for higher-level pledges. Now he’s looking to release an additonal Megaman album for Christmas with the project’s next stretch goal. Additionally, Mega Ran was so ecstatic about the goals being shattered that he released a new bit of music based on his love of the sports of Philadelphia.

So if you’re looking to get yourself some new Mega Ran goodies, hop on over to his Kickstarter and chip in!

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