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Metal Gear Solid V Extended Soundtrack Adds Nearly 6 Hours of New Music

December 24, 2015 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Metal Gear Solid V Extended Soundtrack Adds Nearly 6 Hours of New Musicon Twitter


Announced just days ago via the official Metal Gear twitter account, the Metal Gear Solid V Extended Soundtrack is now officially on sale through iTunes for roughly $22 US. Currently it’s only live on the Japanese iTunes store but a domestic release should be popping up soon. Konami was quick to point out on twitter that this is a digital only release and no physical pressing is in the works.

The extended soundtrack adds an additional 114 tracks, nearly 6 more hours, of in-game music that was not included on the previously released Metal Gear Solid V Original Soundtrack. This includes music from the multiplayer FOB mode and Sneak, Alert and Evasion themes from both main environments and several key story missions. The majority of the music comes from the game’s cutscenes with a few bonus tracks like Mogren Radio and even the Happy Birthday song with a requisite karaoke version.

Missing from this new release is the music found on hidden cassette tapes around the game world. Known as “Music Tape 1”, these original songs have yet to be released in an official capacity and could make up a further supplemental soundtrack. In the meantime, we’ll have to rely on fan recordings (like this one!) to complete the full Phantom Pain listening experience.

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