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Minibosses 10th Anniversary Show Recordings Released!

March 16, 2010 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook Minibosses 10th Anniversary Show Recordings Released!on Twitter

We talked about The Minibosses celebrating their anniversary show last month at Yucca Tap Room in Arizona. From the looks of it, the lucky people there got to experience and hear a tight show and great moments throughout the night. Better yet, it turns out there was professional recordings going on at the event as well! Bobsmith, a traveling show recorder, got the entire set recorded, mixed and mastered for everyone to download.

The set includes Super Mario Bros. 2, Goonies 2, Mega Man 2, Batman, Blaster Master, Contra and Metroid. Obviously it being a live recording means you’ll get some drunken crowd banter and massive sing alongs, but be happy you’re listening to this at home safe and sound. You wouldn’t wanna be in attendance and potentially be molested, would you?

Download the live set from Logicind.

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