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Mischief Makers Remixed EP Gives N64 Shmup the EDM Treatment

October 19, 2017 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Mischief Makers Remixed EP Gives N64 Shmup the EDM Treatmenton Twitter

Once upon a time in 1997, there was a Nintendo 64 game developed by Treasure by the name of Mischief Makers. It was a cute side-scrolling platformer/shmup where you play a robotic maid and go on an adventure to save your creator from a bad guy. While the game was a bit obscure and only received mixed reviews at the time, it still has a niche fandom that remembers it fondly.

Enter Materia Collective, who decided they’d release little EP for the game featuring the likes of EDM artists James Landino, Voia, Ben Briggs, Baircave, and a guest appearance by Hyper Potions in order to create a arranged tribute to the game called Mischief Makers Remixed. The EP features five tracks of electronic dance arrangements of the music originally composed by Norio Hanzawa (of Gunstar Heroes fame under the alias NON), and is entirely produced by indie composer and arranger James Landino.

“When I was young, Mischief Makers was one of the titles I continued to rent from the video rental store and I grew a nostalgic fondness for it. To my surprise, many fans have reached out to me and requested the possibility of remixing the soundtrack to this game.

Nowadays the game industry is seeing a resurgence of cult classics and hidden gems being remastered. It would be awesome for a developer or publisher to consider remaking Mischief Makers for the current generation of consoles” – James Landino, Producer

Mischief Makers Remixed is a fully licensed album and can be purchased and downloaded digitally on Bandcamp for the tidy sum of $5.


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