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Mitch Murder’s new Mega CD OST that never existed

August 31, 2017 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Mitch Murder’s new Mega CD OST that never existedon Twitter

Mitch Murder's new Mega CD OST that never existed

After his somber score to the totally-real PC game Impact Winter Mitch Murder has returned with a new soundtrack to another game that never existed with Zero Strike OST. I picture this imaginary Sega Mega CD game as a side-scrolling shooter with designs of the Robotech variety. Besieged cityscapes, swarm missiles, dark volcano lairs, “Huge Screen-Filling Bosses™” and all that.

Things start out somber here though with a twinkly, minimal synth melody on “Ship Select” but by “Stage 1” I can’t help picturing a screen full of enemy ships and big orange bullets. That plucky bass and hyper drumming perfectly capture the 16-bit Sega shooter vibe while Mitch’s familiar synth sound plays the lofty and sweet melody. The pair of styles persists through the remaining stage tracks taking on a more resolute tone with “Stage 2” and a dire drive on “Stage 4”, apparently the game’s final level. Naturally, there’s a grungy “Boss Theme” and this one is a real Sonic the Hedgehog 3 style jam with beats and samples.

It’s another one of those painfully short offerings but it is free (or pay-what-you-want) afterall so I can’t complain too much. Check out Zero Strike OST for yourself above and if you want more check out Mitch Murder’s previous soundtrack to a game-that-never-existed, Mech Hunter OST.

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