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Module to perform Shatter Soundtrack w/ Livestream via Google Hangouts

September 19, 2012 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Module to perform Shatter Soundtrack w/ Livestream via Google Hangoutson Twitter

So, earlier I announced a live show where I, alongside some VGM-loving colleagues, will be streaming some Yuzo Koshiro music and going over some Koshiro history and factoids (in preparation for his visit at MAGFest 11). That’s happening tonight. In a few hours, to be precise (9pm Eastern US).

Another 8 hours will pass, and then a far greater livestream will occur. Jeramiah “Module” Ross will be performing at the “San Francisco Bath House” (don’t let the name fool you — it’s in New Zealand). This will be livestreaming via Google Hangouts, and will later be compiled on YouTube and a live DVD as well.

Visit this site for a countdown and information for watching the stream (it’s starting at 5am my time, which is east coast USA, so I’m setting my alarm early!). See if you have what it takes to wake up (or stay up!) for the show.

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