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My TOP 10 Anticipated Game Soundtracks Post E3 2015: PART TWO

June 18, 2015 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook My TOP 10 Anticipated Game Soundtracks Post E3 2015: PART TWOon Twitter

Yesterday I presented you with a list of the first five of my top ten anticipated soundtracks now that E3 2015 has come and gone.  Today I share my thoughts on what I think are my remaining most anticipated soundtracks.  The top five were selected based on my impressions of not what will be the best games, but will give us some of the best new video game music – so keep that in mind.

Come on and read  about what future soundtracks made the top of my list!

5. New Nier Project

Not much is know about the new game as its working title is New Nier Peoject.  However, if the soundtrack to the previous Nier game is anything to go by we’re in for a real music treat.  I for one am very excited about this one, Keiichi Okabe is returning to compose the music.. You can see the trailer for the game here.

4. Dreams

Media Molecule presented what looks like a surreal gaming experience in the form of Dreams.  The imagery reminded me a lot of the Asmodee board game Dixit brought to life.  Personally when I dream I do not ever recall their being background music playing but I have had dreams about buying soundtracks… There are no details on who will be composing the music for this intriguing title, but if the visuals and concept are anything to go by I cannot wait for the soundtrack.

3. Unravel


Unravel was presented during Electronic Arts presentation so you may have missed it, you can watch the incredible gameplay trailer here.  This game is is being produced by a small gaming company in Sweden and the music in the trailer is beautiful with an underlying sense of of heartbreak.  I have a feeling that this will be one of the great upcoming game soundtracks, I loved every note in the trailer.

2. The Last Guardian

I speculated recently that The Last Guardian might make an appearance at E3 as the Sound Designer for the game recently started following composer Kow Otani on twitter.  The composer for the game has not been revealed yet but the music featured during the recent gameplay trailer was perfect. I for one have a feeling Kow Otani will be composing and will deliver something that we will all treasure for years to come. Knowing that the game is coming out next year is enough, for now. Prior to E3 2015, this was my #1 anticpated soundtrack, and then along came my number one choice below.

1. Project Setsuna

Prior to E3 2015 Square Enix released this Hype Video which featured a remix of “Frog’s Theme” from Chrono Trigger.  I like many other fans was glued to the SquareEnix presentation hoping that they would reveal such a game.  When the above image containing what look like a series of Chrono-esque clocks appeared and music that sounded like something that may have been composed by Yasunori Mitsuda I was ready to lose it.

However, the image and a few others belonged to a completely new project that has been in development for sometime called Project Setsuna.  I scoured the web to see if I could drum up some additional information.  What I found was a hilarious and somewhat interesting post on Reddit titled: Tinfoil Hat Time: Project Setsuna is a new Chrono Trigger game by user Will_Piss_You_Off.  They wrote that Setsuna in Japanese meant a moment or an instant, and that the company working on the game Tokyo RPG Factory’s motto is “The good old days of RPG’s is coming back”.  This also sounds to me like a time travel reference.  Project Setsuna may not be a new Chrono Trigger game, but it may be a spiritual successor as suggested in the reddit post by user flashbackmemory.

No matter what the game turns out to be, the good old days of rpg’s have brought us some of the best video game soundtracks of all time.  Although no composer has been officially announced yet I am betting on Yasunori Mitsuda.


And there you have it, my top ten most anticipated soundtracks post E3 2015.  Let me know what you think, and if there is a soundtrack that did not make the list that you are excited for.


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