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My Top 5 Piece of Scary Video Game Music (Brenna’s Picks)

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Halloween is my favorite time of the year as a horror fan, as it is for so many of us. Growing up I was quite the opposite; everything freaked me out and some things left some lasting impressions on me. Right around my late teens things did a complete 180 and I began to love and appreciate the things I got spooked by as a kid, and this was amplified with my love of video game music that I had always retained. Thus my repertoire of beloved horror game music and game tracks is pretty extensive, ranging from classic horror genres to adventure and action games.

To pick the top five tracks that I deem the most fright-inducing is therefore a tough choice to make. I think I’ve narrowed it down to the ones that come to mind instantly when thinking of game music that immersed me the most within the macabre and the chilling (in no actual order), so take a look through and see if any of these make your own cut. (hehe)

1.) Silent Hill 2 – “Betrayal” (Akira Yamaoka)

The Silent Hill series was awash with amazing and atmospheric music thanks to series veteran Akira Yamaoka, but when it came to tracks that made me stop in mine while playing, “Betrayal” from Silent Hill 2 takes the trophy. While you as Harry Mason are slowly traversing the underground prison with not one but two Pyramid Heads scouring for you in the ridiculously dark labyrinth, this track booms during the final climax. It’s my choice for the most effective use of tension-building music in the franchise.

2.) Super Castlevania IV – “Cellar” – (‎Masanori Adachi; ‎Taro Kudo)

Super Castlevania IV has arguably the most atmospheric music in the series as a whole soundtrack. Prior to its release, the Castlevania games were largely more upbeat and catchy in order to worm their way into your head. Few were actually contextually suspenseful, until SCV4 came along and introduced a slew of moody tracks, including “Cellar” which plays during stage 8. It’s probably the most foreboding piece of Castlevania music in connection with the level it plays in, creating tension as you try to find your way out of the  constant death traps of the castle dungeon.

3.) Splatterhouse 2 – “Intro” (Eiko Kaneda)

She Doesn’t Have to Die, Rick

While I love the ending to the first Splatterhouse game for its morose tone, it’s the intro music to Splatterhouse 2 that really dials up the eerie rating for me. Playing during the macabre opening to the sequel game, it perfectly gets you prepared for the horrific carnage you’re about to see (and dish out).

4.) Resident Evil: Code Veronica – “The Suspended Doll” (Takeshi Miura)

It was a toss-up as to if I wanted to name this track or “Police Station Basement” from Resident Evil 2 as one of my top five scary tracks, but I honestly think this one wins out. Slowly trying to navigate the hidden mansion of the insane Ashfords in its dark, dilapidated state while avoiding all manner of virally-infected creatures is suspenseful enough with this music playing the whole time. Then you see the giant, decayed doll hanging from the rafters and suddenly the music seems to feel a lot worse.

5.) Bloodborne – “Hail the Nightmare” (Ryan Amon)

Oh Bloodborne, how I adore thee. However I can say with certain that “Hail the Nightmare” was not a track I would so much say I adored, as much as I wanted to get the hell out of the area it played in as quickly as possible. The chanting Latin playing in one of the least favorable places in the early game, this track seals in the Hypogean Gaol as a place of forgotten and hidden horrors (And yes, the Latin chanting is not just nonsense and is actually translatable in all its ghastly glory).


So that’s my list. This is always apt to change as my nostalgia does and new games are released, but I think people who have played these games can agree in some way to why I chose them. Be sure to check out Ryan’s picks this year too and let us know your own!.

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