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My Top Five Pieces of Scary Video Game Music (Ryan’s Picks)

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As Halloween approaches, over at Original Sound Version we are again looking at scary video game music. Back in 2015 I wrote Game Soundtracks For Your Soul Level 13 where I highlighted some of my most memorable pieces of scary game music. The games I highlighted included the Friday the 13th and Jaws on NES, Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, and Resident Evil 4. This year I’ve written about an additional top five pieces of scary game music. Other writers for OSV will share their selections as we get closer to Halloween.

Read on to see my top five picks for scary game music.

Personally, scary video games aren’t really my jam. Most of my experience with scary game music has been from playing with groups of friends, or listening to soundtracks on their own outside of the game.

1. Until Dawn – “Run or Hide” composed by by Jason Graves

When I reviewed Jason Graves soundtrack to Until Dawn I declared it majestic and terrifying. It still is. “Run and Hide” was one of the chilling tracks that stood out to me on the album because a few minutes in you’ll hear why I think it’s in my top five.

2. Friday the 13th – “Main Theme” composed by Harry Manfredini.

When I wrote my Game Soundtracks For Your Soul Level 13, I talked about how when I was a young boy the simple melody played when Jason was on screen was terrifying. The latest game has graphics that completely put the NES version to shame. The game soundtrack was scored by the original film composer Harry Manfredini, and the Main Theme alone scares me. The only Friday the 13th film I’ve seen were Freddy vs. Jason, or Jason X which I consider comedies. The game score is fantastic and thrilling. It was recently release on a 2 CD set by La-La Land Records which you can check out here.

3. Clock Tower – “Scissorman” composed by Kouji Niikura

Clock Tower was a PS1 game that my brother and his friends played in our basement, I often sat and watched the play sessions and the swearing that usually accompanied the music for scissorman as it played on screen. It’s a track that for me and them triggered the flight or flight response. If it makes you want to run away it’s scary. Hats off to Kouji Niikura.

4. Deep Fear – Kenji Kawai (Sega Saturn)

Kenji Kawai handles horror in a graceful way. His work on Deep Fear is a perfect example, I am also very fond of his work on the Vampire Princess Miyu series. I owned this game for Sega Saturn and had some creep out moments with this music playing as I was working my way through the game’s underwater environments. It’s truly great.

5. Zelda Breath of the Wild – Guardian Battle composed by Manaka Kataoka

It’s not a horror game, but I dare you to ask anyone who’s played The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild who didn’t at times feel a shiver run down their spine when the Guardian Battle theme played. It is a masterwork of a game track. If you’re out in a field with friends this Halloween, bring this track and some laser pointers and watch them run!

I hope some of my choices for top five scary game tracks resonate with you. Please share with the tracks that creeped you out, and keep coming back to see what other OSV writers choose!

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