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New Bundle Offers OSTs Old, New, Famous & Unfamiliar

August 11, 2015 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook New Bundle Offers OSTs Old, New, Famous & Unfamiliaron Twitter

Groupees is back with another new bundle, this one featuring nothing but original game soundtracks. The Attack of the OSTs!! bundle is available now through August 18th and features an eclectic mix of music and composers new, old, famous and unfamiliar. How eclectic? How about the soundtrack to an existential walking simulator, a handful of mobile games, an old PlayStation PC port of DOOM, and a chunk of Turrican? Take a look at everything up for grabs inside!

For a minimum of $2 you’ll get:

If you throw in $4 or more you’ll get the above four albums as well as:

And it wouldn’t be a Groupees bundle without some bonuses to be unlocked as the sales increase. Up first is Chris Christodoulou’s soundtrack to Droidscape: Basilica which has been unlocked with two more bonuses to go after that. You can check out samples on the Groupees page and even join in their chat about the bundle, the games and the music.

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