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New GameChops Release, Button Masher Remastered, Out Now

September 28, 2015 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook New GameChops Release, Button Masher Remastered, Out Nowon Twitter

New from GameChops this past week is the second release from electronic artist, Doni, following his 2013 Mario RPG remix EP, Goombette. His latest release, Button Masher Remastered, is a full length album that pays tribute to the video game music of the 8 and 16-bit eras as well as the styles of electronic music popular at the time. The ten tracks feature console and handheld favorites reworked in the styles of deep house, techno, chill-out and more. Here’s the full tracklist:

01. Try Hard (Donkey Kong Country 2 – Stickerbrush Symphony)
02. Icy Strings (Secret of Mana – A Bell is Tolling)
03. Midnight Mass (Pokemon Red/Blue – Lavender Town)
04. Mario’s Garage (Super Mario Kart – Rainbow Road)
05. Deep Freeze Shuffle (StarTropics 2 – Ice Age)
06. Hard to Choose (Mega Man 3 – Stage Select)
07. Impending Something (Marble Madness – Stage 2)
08. Staring Off (Final Fantasy X – Mt. Gagazet)
09. The Bubbledrone (Mega Man 2 – Bubble Man)
10. Nostalgic Tides (Chrono Cross – Dream of a Shore)

You can sample some of the tracks and hear both “Try Hard” and “Icy Strings” in their entirety with the playlist embedded above. When you’re ready for the full album you can grab it on iTunes, Google Play and Loudr for $7. If you chip in $10 or more on Loudr you’ll also get the Goombette EP.

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