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New Playing with Power Album Drops Today

April 14, 2014 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook New Playing with Power Album Drops Todayon Twitter

Back in July of 2013, the game cover band Playing with Power launched and raised funds via a Kickstarter campaign towards the release of their new album, thanks to the generous donations of a bunch of dedicated followers of the band. Now, 10 months later the album, “You’re a Great Zombie” will be released for the world tonight for all to consume the tasty innards of!

Streaming tonight on, the release party will feature a preview of the album tracks before the official launch of the album, as well as an interview with the band members and assorted other shenanigans. The album track list was released on the band’s Facebook page and feature several Kickstarter pledge requests:

1. Contra Force – Player Select
2. Shatterhand Medley
3. Crystalis Medley
4. Battletoads – Intro
5. Wizards & Warriors – Low Health
6. TMNT 3 – Theme of Halfshell
7. StarTropics – Dungeon Theme
8. Zombies Ate My Neighbors Medley
9. Double Dragon – Mission 1
10. Wizards & Warriors – Invincibility
11. Mega Man V Medley
12. TMNT 1 Medley
13. Tecmo Super Bowl – Sound Mode No. 32
14. Blades of Steel – Menu
15. Super Mario Super Medley
16. Duck Hunt – Title
17. Mighty Final Fight – Bay Area
18. DuckTales – Moon Stage

Be sure to tune into 8bitx tonight for the show and check out the Playing with Power album when it drops later tonight!

Update: And here it is!

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