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New research reveals “Tapmania” is highly contagious!

March 18, 2009 | | 5 Comments Share thison Facebook New research reveals “Tapmania” is highly contagious!on Twitter

Researchers have announced their findings today that the Let’s Tap Soundtrack is highly contagious, and are warning listeners that coming within close proximity of this album will put them at risk for developing “Tapmania.” Confirmed symptoms of Tapmania may include but are not limited to: Interspace Disco Infernos, Boogie Fevers, and Rocketing Stars.

Analysts have concluded that trace amounts of Basiscape are reacting with the heavy concentrates of Supersweep, which then attract and bond with the free radicals from Prope. This highly infectious mixture of ingredients is believed to cause musical euphoria if the pattern of repeated listening is left unchecked.

Further test results after the jump.

Let’s start with the non-familiar contributors such as Yam and Shoes first. Yam lays the foundation for the disco flavored dance extravaganza with tunes like “I Got Rhythm” and “Tap a Gogo!” which are designed to get your fingers tapping to the beat while putting a smile on your face at the same time. This is likely the first album featuring the sounds of this in-house composer at Prope, and he’s off to a good start.

Shoes isn’t going to be familiar to gamers either, he’s part of a duo called Missile Chewbacca who puts out electronica that is included on Avex and Ram Rider albums. But Shoes’ impact on the total sales of this game is undeniably huge, as he crafted the ultra catchy main theme song “TAP de Papapaya,” which has been prominently featured in all commercial advertising for this title.

A trio of Basiscape artists contribute a track each: Azusa Chiba with the heavenly and positive “Milky Way Rendezvous,” Masaharu Iwata with the quirky stair-stepping “Dandelion Rider,” and Mitsuhiro Kaneda with the hard dancefloor slam “MOOGELUS HIGH.” Both Iwata and Kaneda are showing surprising diversity from their previous assignments, and Chiba is looking to be a rising star for the Basiscape crew.

Rounding out the minigame lineup are the resident masters of diverse electronica from Supersweep. Shinji Hosoe goes crazy with tribal chants on “Kecha-P” while Ayako Saso goes for a tan on the beach with “Coconut Airport,” yet they both paint a futuristic techno landscape with “Divers” and “From Universe.”

While tapping your way through all the mini-games, it’s certain that the catchy melodies and energetic rhythms will keep you pumped up and eager to get to that next round!

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