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New Super Meat Boy Soundtrack Released Across 3 Albums

October 15, 2015 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook New Super Meat Boy Soundtrack Released Across 3 Albumson Twitter

For those interested in last week’s Super Meat Boy soundtrack shake up, here’s a little recap and follow up. After Danny Baranowsky refused to license his original Super Meat Boy soundtrack for use in the new Fifth Anniversary release on PlayStation platforms, Team Meat had some work to do. Collaborating with Ridiculon, Scattle and Laura Shigihara, they created a new soundtrack to the game which Tommy Refenes from Team Meat elaborated on in a blog post.

“Thank you all so much for filling some pretty big shoes when it came to replacing the old sound track. Your work is amazing and I love you all. Your soundtrack helped breathe new life into the game and I’m proud of the work you’ve done. […] Like always, we pay for these tracks to be made but we also make sure that the artists retain the rights to sell their work.”

As part of the game’s debut on PlayStation 4 and Vita it’s “free” for PlayStation Plus subscribers for the month of October so you can play AND listen to the new music. If you’re not a subscriber or don’t own either PlayStation product you can still check out the music on Bandcamp. Laura Shigihara, Ridiculon and Scattle have each released their own contributions to the game as individual albums. You can even queue up Danny B’s original soundtrack on Bandcamp to compare.

Now that the new soundtrack has been out for over a week (or if you just started listening to it), what do you think of the change?

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