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Norihiko Hibino Launches New Unit: Gentle Love

May 2, 2011 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Norihiko Hibino Launches New Unit: Gentle Loveon Twitter

Get ready to be confused! It was some time ago that we covered Norihiko Hibino’s solo albums, Gentle Love and Gentle Love 2. Both were easy listening saxophone albums with the first featuring arrangement of famous pop tunes from Japan, China, and abroad and the second featuring original pieces. In his quest for soothing, therapeutic music, however, Hibino has decided to use the name Gentle Love for a new duo that he’s created to further accomplish his goal.

Gentle Love is comprised of Norihiko Hibino on sax and AYAKI on piano, and their aim is to create music that’s “free from all constraints,” focusing on following their feelings and performing well. He admits it’s the “sleepiest” music he’s written, but he wanted his fans out there to know about the group. They launched a MySpace page where you can sample four of their tracks.

A few quick words about AYAKI. Hibino apparently met him when looking for a pianist for one of the videogame scores he was working on. As it turns out, AYAKI is the world champion of a Yamaha electone competition.

What do you think of the samples on their MySpace page? Will you be working these into your sleep rotation on your iPod?

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