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OSVchannel: Final Fantasy Type-0 Limited Edition Soundtrack Unboxing Video

October 19, 2011 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook OSVchannel: Final Fantasy Type-0 Limited Edition Soundtrack Unboxing Videoon Twitter

With the release of the Final Fantasy Type-0 soundtrack due out next week on October 26, it’s time to start thinking about whether or not you want to spring for the limited edition this time or not. Fortunately the difference this time around is only 500 Yen, so there’s little reason not to pick up the limited edition as you’ll see in the above video. In addition to the bonus DVD, there’s also some snazzy packaging and a full-size booklet to sweeten the deal, although you’re going to have trouble finding a spot in your CD rack for this one.

We’ve previewed the Type-0 soundtrack, but watch for full coverage in the coming weeks. Let us know what you think of the packaging and whether you intend to pick up the standard edition or the limited edition. As of the time we’re preparing this post, there are only 26 copies of the LE available at CD Japan, so you better commit soon!

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