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OSVchannel: Final Fantasy XIV Soundtrack Unpacking Video

September 21, 2010 | | 7 Comments Share thison Facebook OSVchannel: Final Fantasy XIV Soundtrack Unpacking Videoon Twitter

We’ve got a special treat for you today. While the Final Fantasy XIV Battle Tracks and Field Tracks albums that Patrick posted about last month will not be released until September 29, 2010 in Japan, we have them here for you now, and believe you’ll be surprised by what’s contained within. The two discs feature only a taste of what Nobuo Uematsu has created for the game, but Square Enix has certainly gone all out to make these “mini” soundtracks stand out on the store shelf. I don’t want to spoil too much, so feel free to take a peak at the above video to find out what to expect when these soundtracks hit you doorstep next week.

Oh, and I wanted to note the change in format. I loved Patrick’s table-top videos so much that I decided to go this route as well. Let me know if this works better than my poorly-lit office, and if the trade-off of not having music in the background is worth the better view.

We’ll have a review of both discs in the coming days, so keep checking back, and be sure to let us know what you think of Square Enix’s radical approach to the packaging for these Final Fantasy XIV soundtrack discs.

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