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OSVchannel: The 3rd Birthday Original Soundtrack Unboxing Video

December 21, 2010 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook OSVchannel: The 3rd Birthday Original Soundtrack Unboxing Videoon Twitter

Okay, so I caved and did it anyway. I figured you’d all want an advance look at exactly what you’ll be getting when you pick up The 3rd Birthday Original Soundtrack on December 22, 2010 in Japan. By now you’ve likely read our review and know that we were impressed with what we heard, but you’ll be interested to see a packaging style similar to that of Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together which we reviewed and unboxed last month.

In addition to checking out the packaging in the video, we also have the unique “Joy to the World” arrangement performed by members of the Square Enix sound team playing in the background. Let it act as a preview of some of the strangeness that you’ll hear on the album (although I admit it’s the strangest of the bunch).

Let us know what you think of the packaging, “Joy to the World,” and the soundtrack overall as it ships to your homes this week!

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