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OSVOSTOTY 2012: Winner for Best Other Release is…

January 27, 2013 | | 2 Comments Share thison Facebook OSVOSTOTY 2012: Winner for Best Other Release is…on Twitter

Our “Other Release” category — a catch-all miscellaneous category for stuff that isn’t technically game music, but close enough that you all probably know about it — had some great nominees. There were plenty more than six albums to choose from. But we narrowed it to six, and now we’re going to give the bronze / silver / gold medals. Well, digital medals. Still pretty sweet, though (thanks Connary!).

So, in case you’ve forgotten our nominees for Best Other Release:

Black Ocean (IMERUAT)
FX4 (virt)
Indie Game: the Movie (Jim Guthrie)
Make Music, Throw Music (SleepyTimeJesse, et al)
Preschtale (C-jeff)

And the winners are…

Our second runner-up is Preschtale. This synth-rock odyssey, created by Ubiktune founder C-jeff, was released on the very first day of 2012. It’s a solid, beautiful album filled with chiptunes and lots of other stuff too (such as Danimal Cannon on guitar). It’s also worth noting that an arranged album of this original work came out on Ubiktune on the first day of January 2013: “Preschtale Variations” is its name, and it, like the original album, is free on Bandcamp (name your price, no minimum).


Jim Guthrie’s music is perfectly suited for many indie games. And so, why wouldn’t it be suited for a documentary about indie games? IGTM was a fun, enlightening look into the lives of a handful of indie game “superstars.” It wouldn’t have been nearly as compelling as it was without Guthrie’s music. We loved it, and if you haven’t listened yet, you’ll likely love it too. It’s all the best qualities of minimalism wrapped into one. The soundtrack is available via Bandcamp (links to a limited double-vinyl edition are there too!).


IMERUAT is a match made in heaven. The eccentric, impressionist compositional mastery of Masashi Hamauzu coupled with Mina’s distinct voice blew our minds. We’ve been listening to this album frequently throughout the whole of 2012. Few other albums have that lasting power. That’s just one of many reasons why we’re awarding first prize in the “Other” category to IMERUAT’s debut album, Black Ocean. Now if only we can get these two to play some live shows in North America…


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