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PAX East 2015 Music Guests Announced

February 7, 2015 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook PAX East 2015 Music Guests Announcedon Twitter

The music guest lineup for this year’s PAX East has been released. As is the tradition of PAX East, the festivities of Friday and Saturday conclude with a series of evening concerts. This year’s concert lineup includes a number of returning favorites, including Bit Brigade and the Triforce Quartet. So if you were lucky enough to acquire passes for the Boston event, you’ll be in for some excellent music to end Friday and Saturday night.

Friday’s concerts will feature the Super Guitar Bros, the Triforce Quartet, and Paul and Storm. The second night of concerts will call upon the talents of Freezepop, Bit Brigade, and MC Frontalot. If you happen to be attending PAX East 2015, be sure to make room in your schedules for each of these acts. You can check out the official PAX East site for more announcements and scheduling details.

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