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PAX South 2017 Performances & Music Panels

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For those making the trek to San Antonio, Texas this weekend to attend PAX South 2017, and are interested in the video game music and audio side of things, here’s a quick and handy list of both the musical performances playing at the event, as well as the VGM, music industry panels and any fun music-related panels to check out.


Friday Night (8pm – 11:30pm CST)

  1. SuperMES
  2. Urizen
  3. Descendants of Erdrick

Saturday Night (8pm – 11:30pm CST)

  1. The OneUps
  2. Viking Guitar
  3. Bit Brigade



  1. The Gamer Feedback Presents: Name That Video Game Tune (8:30pm CST, Cactus Theater)


  1. The Ocarina Panel with David Erick Ramos (10:00am CST – Bobcat Theater)
  2. Nerdcore: The Future of Video Game Pop Music (12:30pm CST – Falcon Theater)

Game Panels & Tournaments


  1. AudioShield (11:00am – 2:00pm CST, PC Tourny)

You can check out the entire PAX South schedule here. Hopefully you’re able to check out one or all of these music and audio related events going on this year, and if you do let us know what you thought!

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