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POST E3 2016: My Most Anticipated Soundtracks (Updated)

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Last year when E3 wrapped up I wrote two posts about my most anticipated soundtracks and revisited recently here. Having followed the news about E3 from all the major developers this year I’ve got a brand new list of soundtracks I can’t wait to hear. I’m limited myself to my top 5 choices this year, and one bonus stand out music game I’m excited for.

So come read about the soundtracks I’m most excited about, and let us know what future game soundtracks you’re looking forward to post E3 2016!

I’ve listed my top 5 choices below in reverse order, and a bonus honorable mention at the end. Check out my picks, and share some of yours in the comments!

5. Sea of Theives – RARE Ltd, Robin Beanland

This brief video showcases some of the music that will feature in the game composed by Robin Beanland who has done a lot of music for Rare over the year including one of my favorite tunes the “Elevator Music” for GoldenEye 007 on Nintendo 64. You can also listen to a song for the game featuring what I feel is a nod to the opening of the film Deadpool in this video forWe Shall Sail Together” composed by Robin Beanland and performed by Anna Hon. The game looks like a great time, and the music captures the essence of the visuals. Now only if that pirate bone disc player was real…

4. God of War –  Sony, Bear McCreary

There’s no better way in my opinion to showcase a new game by having the game’s composer perform some of the score live with an orchestra. Bear McCreary who has scored the video game Dark Void is bringing his musical talent to the God of War series. I cannot wait to hear more, and hope we get a Bear McCreary promotional video to go with it!

3 . How We Soar – Sony  VR, Penny Black Studios Ltd.

Virtual Reality is something that Sony is really pushing this fall, and musically I’m very excited how composers will create their music for a virtual experience. Winifred Phillips recently wrote an excellent blog post about the musical VR creative process which I highly recommend. Listening to the music in the trailer, although brief is stunning. I’ve reached out to Penny Black Studios to find out who is composing the music. Via Twitter composer Steve Burke let me know he is writing the music for How We Soar, he’s worked on the games Kameo:Elements of Power and Viva Pinata.

2 . Obduction –  Cyan, Robyn Miller

The first video game soundtracks I ever owned on CD were the soundtracks to both Myst and Riven both composed by Robyn Miller. Since that time Robyn Miller has not composed music for a Cyan title. Not much of the music has been released, but you can listen to the music in the trailer for the game. It does have a bit of Myst sonic flavor, and I am very eager to hear the rest of the music for this highly anticipated puzzle game. I am ready to think, again!

1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Nintendo

Nintendo knocked all of our socks off at E3 this year showing off The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wind. You can listen to some of the music captured from the demos in the above video. During Nintendo’s presentation of the event Eiji Aonuma did speak about the soundtrack saying that it will be much different than traditional Zelda games. The use of piano at keys moments was to evoke specific emotions, and listening to the music in the above video gave me goosebumps, no other title hit me as hard musically as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wind this year. I am very excited to see this game in action on the Nintendo NX, and hear more of what I think will be an incredible musical work.

Bonus Round! – Harmonix Music VR, Sony

I wanted to make sure you were all aware of another Sony VR title, Harmonix Music VR. I imagine that the game will have a soundtrack in some capacity, but what I found interesting about this title was that you use your favorite music and interact with it in a virtual environment. Time to start thinking about what video game tunes you should use. I’m thinking Danny Baronowsky’s Crypt of the Necrodancer would make for a sweet virtual dance party.

So, what do you think of my top 5 picks? Was there a game you saw at E3 2016 this year whose soundtrack you’re most excited about?

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