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RobKTA & GameChops Release Ridge Racer Remix Album

August 30, 2015 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook RobKTA & GameChops Release Ridge Racer Remix Albumon Twitter

RobKTA and GameChops’ latest release, Ridge Racer Forever, is out now to celebrate Summer jams and Namco’s storied racing franchise. With the PlayStation’s 20th Anniversary coming up next month in North America it also serves as a fitting tribute to the console that helped launch the Ridge Racer series. For Rob the album has a much more personal backstory as it inspired him to get into video game remixing in the first place.

“I think the time has come to pay the proper tribute to this series, picking some of my ever favorite tracks and putting my own spin on them, house, electronica, experimental flavorings – all to pay tribute to a series of racing games that was special to me. This EP is dedicated to all Ridge Racers worldwide that keeps the arcade racing spirit alive!”

The album contains six tracks spanning the history of the series from Ridge Racer Revolution up to its 2005 debut on the PlayStation Portable. The tracklist includes:

  1.  Cruisin’ 110 (Disco Ball – Ridge Racer PSP Remix)
  2. Shady Movement (Silhouette Dance – Ridge Racer Type 4 Remix)
  3. Ridge Racer Forever ft. Mykah (Ridge Racer Remix)
  4. Dopamine Road (Euphoria – Ridge Racer V Remix)
  5. Terminal (Departure Lounge – Ridge Racer PSP Remix)
  6. Don’t Lose Your Grip (Grip – Ridge Racer Revolution Remix)

Ridge Racer Forever is available now for $4.99 from all the major online shops, take your pick! It’s on Loudr, iTunes and Google Play Music and streaming on Spotify and Soundcloud.

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