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Sample Yasunori Mitsuda’s Valkyria Revolution Soundtrack

June 2, 2017 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Sample Yasunori Mitsuda’s Valkyria Revolution Soundtrackon Twitter

Sample Yasunori Mitsuda's Valkyria Revolution Soundtrack

Leading up to the June 27th launch of Valkyria Revolution, Sega has published a video featuring the game’s music by composer Yasunori Mitsuda. Well known for his work on Square franchises going all the way back to Chrono Trigger, Mitsuda is still taking on new challenges today.

In the video he talks a bit about his “new and interesting experiment” with dynamic music that rises and falls based on the combat. Check out the video below to see and hear the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra and singer Sarah Àlainn during a recording session and a bit more from Mitsuda. If you like the music you can get the 12-song soundtrack CD in the Vanargand Edition of the game, coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at the end of the month.

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